Vessels built with pfh

Several projects have been realized with pfh:




11.5 m Yacht

Displacement8.2 t
Loa11.5 m
LWL10.5 m
BWL3.7 m
Draught (hull)0.4 m
Draught (keel)1.2 m
Speed> 16 kn
Power/Output97 kW
ShipyardMarine Faserverbundtechnik Haring GmbH & Co. KG, Emden

The yacht had to be adapted to size restraints of the customer's marina. Because of shallow water operation and the ability to bottom, the hull was provided with a keel to protect the propeller.



Test drive of the yacht

Fast Pilot Boat

The boat operates in the Kiel Canal. It can travel at a speed of 20.5 knots with a special permit, as other shipping is restricted to 15 km/h (8 knots).

Important requirements were low wash and high manoeuvrability.

Max. Displacement9.2 t
Loa12.38 m
B4.3 m
Speed20.5 kn          (at 90% max. power)
Max. power2 x 118 kW
ShipyardMWB Motorenwerk Wilhelmshaven GmbH & Co. KG



Pilot Boat under construction
Pilot Boat NĂ¼bbel

Test vessel »Plattenyacht«

In cooperation with MFH-Emden DW-ShipConsult has built a test vessel for further tests for further improvement of pfh.

Max. Displacement5 t
Loa8.5 m
B3.1 m
Speed20 kn



HD600 PFH Electro Boat

Built by Fricke & Dannhus the electronic boat shows excellent manoeuvrability and due to pfh and light weight it has a very long range. For this project pfh has been optimized for electric propulsion.

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Current Projects

80t Fast Luxury Yacht optimized for 20 to 36 knots


180t Fast Patrol Boat optimized for 33 knots


55t Fast Fisherman Yacht optimized for 35 knots


Planned Projects

14m Crossover Yacht 18 to 25 knots


42' Offshore Patrol Boat 25+ knots


Unmanned gun boat for harbour protection and anti-smuggling